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Welcome to the Personal Stories page of this website.  Below, you will find the links to the most heart-warming, and even teary-eyed, stories you may ever read.  They are each awesome, and I wish to thank each parent for taking the time to share one of their most memorable and personal times of their life.  May God bless each one of you and your precious children.  They are ALL beautiful!

If there is a parent you wish to contact, whose e-mail is not listed with their story, please , for this information, if available.  

And please, while you're here, won't you take a few minutes to submit your own personal story?  Something you write may be just what a new parent of a child with MDS needs to hear today!  Also, won't you please consider submitting a photo of your child?  I know that it helps other families with very young children to see just how beautiful and normal a child with MDS really is.  You can always update the photo, at any time.  Photos can be , anytime too, even if you already have your story on the site.  Also, updates to your story and to update your contact information can also be done on the submission pageNew stories/updates last added to this site on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

photo.gif (1064 bytes) = Photo submitted with story

new.gif (1044 bytes) = New Story

Agostini      FL  
Alvarez     CA  
Anderson   KS  
Anonymous1      CA  
Barabas    Romania  
Baslee     MO  
Bates     CA  
Beets TN photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Blades     TX photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Blank    new.gif (1044 bytes) KY  
Bond     United Kingdom  
Buie      OK  
Burke      NM  
Canale-Parola   MA photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Chandler      TX  
Cherry     PA  
Christensen IA  
Colvin       TX photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Conner     LA  
Cope      Australia photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Dailey      PA photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Davis      MD  
del Cid     Guatemala  
Drake      GA photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Duffy     WA photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Duffy NC  
Dumais      NH  
Dunston      WA  
Edwards      United Kingdom photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Enqvist      Sweden photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Evans     GA  
Faust      GA  
Fichera NJ  
Force     MD photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Friedenburg   NY photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Fulcher     NC  
Garrido     Guam  
Gebhardt     TN  
Geisman      AZ photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Gonzales       AZ photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Green      England photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Greene VA  
Greenlee   IL photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Grillo NY  
Grimes      TN photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Guercio     MD  
Guntrum     PA photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Hallik   NY photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Hamlin      CT  
Harmon      VA  
Hines    AR photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Houldey     West Midlands, England  
Howard   NE  
Hughes    OK photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Hunt      Australia  
Hyers     NY photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Iversen     Norway photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Johansson   Sweden photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Jones     Wales, UK  
Kemp     Tamworth NSW Australia  
Khodabocus    London, UK photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Kneer     Anonymous  
Large     MO  
Lingard     Australia  
Loden    TX photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Loguna     Russia  
Loveys      Canada  
Lowe     VA  
Macleod     Scotland  
Maguire      Northern Ireland  
Mangili    MA  
Martinez     WA  
Martz      PA  
McCollister     OR  
Meeter     IN  
Morris (Cotton)      TX  
Munroe     PA photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Noble     Hampshire, England  
Nordgren     VA photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Oliver     NJ  
Pacheco      RI  
Pardal     Brasil  
Persenaire      IL  
Poke     Australia  
Poole     CA  
Reynolds, M.     CA  
Reynolds    WI  
Richards     Clarendon, Jamaica  
Roskam     OK  
Ruyter     new.gif (1044 bytes) BC, Canada  
Ryan     MA photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Saddler     TN photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Saman      Belgium photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Sandholdt     Denmark  
Señaris     España  
Serrano      WI  
Shaw     IL photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Shelton TN  
Silverstein   NE photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Smith     PA  
Soto     MI photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Spehr      Australia  
Stefancik    FL  
Strauss      MD photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Swalm      OK  
Sykes      Australia photo.gif (1064 bytes)
Trombley      NY  
Upper      CA  
Van der vliet     Holland  
Vest      MA  
Warren    AL photo.gif (1064 bytes)

This page last updated on Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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